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    "Other", "the other" and "another", refer all to something already mentioned.

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    Choose the right expression.

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    "Other" can be used as an adjective with a noun or alone as a pronoun.

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    The adjective "good" is usually referred to an emotional state or a physical state?

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    Often, we can answer both with “good” and “well”.

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    Choose the correct structure for a comparative sentence.

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    With comparative sentences we make a comparison between two different items metaphorically linked.

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    In which tense we usually use “as long as”: present tense or past tense?

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    “As long as” can also be used to mean “on the condition that”.

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    Translate this sentence: “Arriverò a mezzogiorno con gli altri amici”.

  • 11/12

    Translate this sentence: “La mia ragazza è delicata come una margherita”.

  • 12/12

    Translate this sentence: “La nuova auto di Paolo è costosa quanto quella di Vittorio”.

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