Esercizio su articolo determinativo, indeterminativo, plurale, nomi collettivi, countable e uncountable

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    Articles come after a verb and before a noun.

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    Which indeterminative article do we use before those word starting with vowel?

  • 3/13

    The second time you’re speaking about something, should you use “the” or “a”?

  • 4/13

    Insert the correct form: “I will buy ... book”.

  • 5/13

    In english, in order to create a plural you have always to add an -s at the end of the word.

  • 6/13

    Write down the plural of “mouse”.

  • 7/13

    Insert the correct term: “Federica is pregnant of two ...”.

  • 8/13

    Insert the correct term: “the Little Elena lost two ,,,".

  • 9/13

    With collective nouns, most of time I use a singular or a plural verbs according to the sense of the sentence.

  • 10/13

    If on saturday night a drunk guy takes his car, he is afraid of “the police” or “of them”.

  • 11/13

    Is information a countable or an uncountable noun?

  • 12/13

    Choose the words or expressions that you can use with uncountable nouns.

  • 13/13

    And now choose the words that you can use with countable nouns.

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