Esercizio su farther e further, comparativo di maggioranza, superlativi, oldest e eldest

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    “Further” is referred to something material.

  • 2/13

    Insert the correct term: “If you go ... with these ideas, they will fire you!”

  • 3/13

    Insert the correct term: “I have swum ... than last time and when I came back to the beach I was really tired”.

  • 4/13

    If you want to underline a big difference which word you put before the comparative form?

  • 5/13

    Choose the correct position in the sentence of "by far".

  • 6/13

    Write down the superlative of good.

  • 7/13

    Write down the superlative of “easy”.

  • 8/13

    Write down the superlative of “difficult”.

  • 9/13

    Match each sentence with the correct word.

    Francesco is really funny, he is the … boy I’ve ever met.
    Marc, is twenty-one, he is the … of his brothers.
    His dog is the … I’ve ever seen, it’s huge!
    This present is perfect, you’re the … !
    I love her, she’s the … girl in the world.
  • 10/13

    We use "eldest" to talk about:

  • 11/13

    Insert the correct form of the adjective "old": “This is the ... copy of Pride and Prejudice".

  • 12/13

    What do we talk about when we use “farther”?

  • 13/13

    Translate this sentence: “Francesca è molto più efficiente quando beve caffè”.

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