Esercizio su pronomi relativi, aggettivi e pronomi indefiniti

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    “Who” is referred to what?

  • 2/10

    “That” is referred only to things.

  • 3/10

    Translate this sentence: “Chi è quella ragazza?”

  • 4/10

    Match each sentence with the correct pronoun.

    I met a guy … is very interested in history.
    The pen … I take was the red one.
    I can’t stand … guy!
  • 5/10

    In which kind of sentence do we have to use “someone” or “somebody”?

  • 6/10

    In the interrogative sentences do we have to use “something”, “anything” o “nothing”?

  • 7/10

    Which is the negative form of "somebody"?

  • 8/10

    If I’m offering something to someone, which pronoun do I have to use?

  • 9/10

    In conditional phrases with “if” we have to use “some”.

  • 10/10

    You can use "nobody" in a phrase that contains a negative form.

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