Esercizio su second e third conditional, prefissi, remember, remind, recall

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    The second conditional is used to talk about unreal situations.

  • 2/12

    The third conditional is:

  • 3/12

    Insert the correct verb: “If I ... you, I would run away from that girl”.

  • 4/12

    Insert the correct verb: “If I ... a puppy, I would love it very much”.

  • 5/12

    The sentence “If I had accepted that job, I would have been in Paris now” belongs to the second or to the third conditional?

  • 6/12

    A morpheme is the smallest unit of language that has a meaning.

  • 7/12

    What’s the prefix for “with” and “together”.

  • 8/12

    Match each prefix with the correct meaning.

  • 9/12

    Which word is stronger, “recall” or “remind”?

  • 10/12

    Insert the correct verb: “This song ... me my youth”.

  • 11/12

    Insert the correct verb: "Do you ... how old is Carla?"

  • 12/12

    Th second conditional is also use in order to give an advice to someone.

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