Esercizio su soon, early, quick, fast e alcuni verbi

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    “Soon” means a long time after now.

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    If I want express something about speed, which word do I use?

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    Insert the correct comparative form (from "early"): “His plane arrived ... than I thought His plane arrived earlier than I thought ”.

  • 4/11

    Insert the correct form: “Come here ... ... ... you can: there's a beetle in the living room”

  • 5/11

    When I speak about something I’m doing, I use “to end”.

  • 6/11

    Insert the correct term: “World War I ... in 1918”.

  • 7/11

    “Out of lunch” means “not informed”.

  • 8/11

    Match each sentence with the correct idiom.

    I was so tired that I was … during math lesson.
    I didn’t make the cake well, because while my mother was explaining the recipe I was out of lunch.
    Going at that concerto on Monday night is …
    In my office the boiler has been … for two weeks, we were very upset.
    I haven’t slept all night, so the day after I was …
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    If you say “as I was saying” you mean that you want to go back to a earlier point of the conversation.

  • 10/11

    Insert the correct term: "... ... Mike, do you know that he broke his leg?"

  • 11/11

    Insert the correct term: “... ... ... ..., I got a new puppy!”

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