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    Adverbs can end in -ly, just like some adjectives.

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    If an adjective ends in -y, which desinence have I to use to form the crresponding adverb?

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    Adverbs of manners explain:

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    Is “a few” used for countable or uncountable nouns?

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    “A little” is used for countable nouns.

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    The meaning of “just” is “exactly”, but always “not that much”.

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    “Only” can be used as an adjective but also as…

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    Match each sentence with the correct adverb.

    The serial killer murdered his victims …
    Jules arrived … in time!
    She made … steps, but then she stops.
    She reacted very … , I can’t understand why.
    I have … headache today.
    There is … one copy left of the book.
    I … arrived on time at the meeting.
    What a nice child, he sits very …
    Gaia runs her business …
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    The adverb “only” means:

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