Esercizio sull'uso delle preposizioni in inglese

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    “Beside” may also mean that something is irrelevant.

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    I use “besides” if the sentence is referred to two or more people/things/animals.

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    “At all” is used only with negative sentences.

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    Match each adjective with the correct preposition:

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    The expression “good at something” can be also used in his opposite meaning “bad at something”.

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    Is it more accurate to say “at the corner” or “on the corner”, if the shop your talking about is exactly in that point?

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    If I need to explain that something is next to something else, I can use “near” and “close to” as well.

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    Choose the correct word to express that a place is in the middle of two other places?

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    The employee of a marketing department will say: “I work at the marketing department”.

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    Complete this sentence choosing the correct preposition from the list below: “I work … software developement”.

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    Match each sentence to the correct preposition.

    She works … Spain now.
    They work … a publishing house.
    I work … foreign rights right now.
    He works … three colleagues.
    We work … the central branch.
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    "Beside" means:

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    Translate this sentence: “Non mi piace per niente la musica classica”.

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