IELTS e TOEFL: esercizi su reading e writing

  • 1/13

    In the task 1 of the writing you have to describe something visual.

  • 2/13

    How many graphs you could find in the task 1 of the writing?

  • 3/13

    When you write a letter you use contractions if the letter is:>

  • 4/13

    Idioms are not used in formal letters.

  • 5/13

    In a formal letter is it better to use a term as “find out” or “discover”?

  • 6/13

    How do you open a semi-formal letter?

  • 7/13

    In the task 1 of the writing you’re going to be marked on vocabulary, grammar, ability to do what’s asked and […]?

  • 8/13

    In which parts you must divide your graph presentation?

  • 9/13

    Which tense you cannot use in a formal letter?

  • 10/13

    If you have to write a formal letter, how do you open it?

  • 11/13

    How do you end a formal letter?

  • 12/13

    How do you end a semi-formal letter?

  • 13/13

    In the end of a informal letter you can write “Best wishes”?

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