IELTS e TOEFL: esercizi sul lessico inglese

  • 1/10

    Choose the best sentence among the three below.

  • 2/10

    Choose the worst sentence among the three below.

  • 3/10

    In an english exam, it is better to use general words than specific words.

  • 4/10

    A young men before puberty is an adolescent.

  • 5/10

    I use the term “minimise” for exaggerate something.

  • 6/10

    Match the sentences below to the correct term.

    Experts … new diseases.
    The sea … the solitude of the poet.
    The Sarajevo attack … in 1914.
    The knight … a long quest.
    Those hieroglyphics ... by a famous archaeologist.
    He … a promotion.
  • 7/10

    A transition means to pass from one idea to another idea.

  • 8/10

    Is it better if, during an english exam, I use “furthermore” or “in addition to”?

  • 9/10

    How would you define a 1-2 years old child?

  • 10/10

    If I predict or guess, I estimate; is it true or false?

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