IELTS e TOEFL: esercizi sull'esame writing formale e academic

  • 1/10

    Write down the complete form of the contraction “Can’t”.

  • 2/10

    During the writing exam you should use expression as “there is” or “there are”, instead of more complex sentences.

  • 3/10

    Choose the most correct form from the sentences below.

  • 4/10

    For academic writing, is it better the active form or the passive form?

  • 5/10

    In the writing task you should use a specific structure for your argumentation.

  • 6/10

    In the topic sentence you shouldn’t say anything about your topic, because it will be specified later.

  • 7/10

    Chronology is quite important in the body.

  • 8/10

    Transform this sentence from active to passive: “The entrepreneur analysed the data”.

  • 9/10

    Transform this sentence from passive to active: “Asiatic territories were conquered by Alexander the Great”.

  • 10/10

    The heart of your essay is the body.

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