IELTS e TOEFL: esercizi su writing ed esame orale

  • 1/12

    Why the introduction is the most important paragraph in the essay?

  • 2/12

    You don’t need to make a plan before writing your essay.

  • 3/12

    When you write the introduction, into how many sentences you have to translate your plan?

  • 4/12

    The topic and the question are the same thing.

  • 5/12

    The opinion and the thesis are the same thing.

  • 6/12

    The best word I can use to express opinion is “to think”.

  • 7/12

    The expression “As far as I’m concerned” is followed by which sign of punctuation?

  • 8/12

    "In my opinion" is an expression overused.

  • 9/12

    “It seems to me that” and “It appears to me that” are:

  • 10/12

    “I would argue that” is used only to disagree with someone.

  • 11/12

    Write down the sentence equal to “From my point of view”.

  • 12/12

    How must be your first sentence?

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