Verifica: "Romeo e Giulietta" di Shakespeare


“Romeo and Juliet” appears divided into two parts, the first part can be considered almost a comedy, and in the second part the real tragedy starts. What is the turning point between comedy and tragedy?

Mercutio’s death

The balcony scene

The fake marriage between Romeo and Juliet

The escape of the two lovers


Shakespeare’s model for “Romeo and Juliet” was a poem by Arthur Brooke “The Tragical Historye of Romeus and Juliet”, from which there are no substantial differences.




What is the metric structure of the balcony scene?

Rhyming iambic pentameter.


Blank verses.

There is no metric structure, because it’s prose.


In the balcony scene the characters of the lovers emerge. Romeo appears as a young, mature and conscientious man, on the contrary Juliet is a dreamy, thoughtless girl, who lives in a poetic dimension of life.




Which typical poetic form of the Renaissance is used in the prologue of “Romeo and Juliet”?


Is it true that in the balcony scene Shakespeare could create a dialogue between Romeo and Juliet, by mixing two monologues of the two lovers?




Which particular technique is used by Romeo in his monologue, called an “aside”?

He addresses the audience, pretending to ask for advice

He explains his feelings for Juliet to himself

He uses reverse psychology to convince Juliet of his love

He uses a rhetorical pause to express his feelings for Juliet


What is Shakespeare’s purpose in “Romeo and Juliet”?

A moralizing purpose: to show the terrible fate of two young people, who have gone against their parents’ will

To show the terrible fate of two young people, victims of the violence and misunderstanding of their adult families


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