Verifica sul "Giulio Cesare" di Shakespeare

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    In Shakespeare’s tragedy Julius Caesar, who can be considered as the main driver of the action, whose death resolves all the events?

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    What is the main reason which leads Brutus to take part in the conspiracy?

  • 3/7

    Shakespeare wrote "Julius Caesar" not just as a historical play, in which the past is represented, but also as a portrait of what really lies beneath politics and government

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    What does Antony want to emphasise at the beginning of his speech?

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    In which way does Antony manage to make Brutus’ claim “Caesar was ambitious” absurd and wrong?

  • 6/7

    In “Julius Caesar” Brutus embodies all the typical characteristics of the antihero: he’s selfish, ambitious and corrupted by his thirst for power. Is this true?

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    Is it true that Shakespeare tried to compress the historical events of “Julius Caesar” into a shorter time period, and not to represent the action as it actually happened over the course of three years?