Verifica su "Il ritratto di Dorian Gray" di Wilde

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    By which French author was Oscar Wilde inspired for the aesthetic theory "art for art's sake?

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    Is it true that Oscar Wilde included some elements of the fairy and folk tales in the novel “The Picture of Dorian Gray”?

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    “The Picture of Dorian Gray” can be seen also as a political critique of society. Which age, in particular, is criticised, pointing out its hypocrisy?

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    And with which Robert Louis Stevenson work does “The Picture of Dorian Gray” share the same criticism about the hypocrisy and duplicity of society?

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    Which Oscar Wilde work commemorates the period of time he spent in jail?

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    In which work does Oscar Wilde state that his personal life of pleasures and excesses is something he has to pay for?

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    Oscar Wilde was invited to America to give some lectures, after becoming famous for his theatrical works?

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    Which characteristic make Oscar Wilde’s comedies so well known?

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    Which of Oscar Wilde’s works can be seen as the manifesto of the aesthetic movement?