Verifica: T. S. Eliot e "The Waste land"

  • 1/10

    Who is “il miglior fabbro” to whom “The Waste Land” is dedicated?

  • 2/10

    Which important essay inspired T. S. Eliot, while writing “The Waste Land”?

  • 3/10

    The first part of “The Waste Land” is entitled “A Game of Chess”.

  • 4/10

    April is a month of rebirth of the nature, but Eliot, in the first line of “The Waste Land”, states that it is “the cruellest month”; why?

  • 5/10

    The first stanza of “The Burial of the Dead” presents a prophetical tone, with a lot of quotation from the Bible.

  • 6/10

    The line of “The Waste Land”, “Those are pearls that were his eyes. Look!”, is a quotation of a famous Shakespeare’s tragedy. Which one?

  • 7/10

    The final line of “The Burial of the Dead”, a part of “The Waste Land” is a famous quotation of which french author?

  • 8/10

    The final part of “The Waste Land” is called “What the Thunder Said”, and it presents words in Sanskrit.

  • 9/10

    “The Waste Land” is full of high-brow quotation, but presents also a quotation of a famous nursery rhyme. Which one?

  • 10/10

    In the opening of “The Waste Land” there is an epigraph from Ovid.