Verifica: "Eveline" e "The Dead"

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    What does Eveline, the main character of the short story “Eveline”, hear, interrupting her thoughts, while she is sitting by her window?

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    Eveline’s parents both died, leaving her alone raising her two brothers.

  • 3/9

    In “Eveline” the protagonist finally decides to leave with her boyfriend; What really happens in the end?

  • 4/9

    Both main characters of “Eveline” and “Araby” are overwhelmed by their real life, without any possibility of realising their dreams.

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    The title of the short story “The Dead” can be seen also as a recall of:

  • 6/9

    Which author, appreciated by James Joyce, influenced him in the writing of “The Dead”?

  • 7/9

    “The Dead” is a short story about the reality and the quotidianity of the Irish middle-class.

  • 8/9

    What is the difference between Gabriel, the protagonist of "The dead", and his wife’s former lover?

  • 9/9

    Gabriel, the protagonist of “The Dead”, is the only one character in "Dubliners" who does not have a final epiphany.