Verifica: James Joyce, i "Dubliners" e "Araby"

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    Which famous italian writer was James Joyce’s strict friend?

  • 2/12

    "The Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man" was published in 1904 with a great success and positive reviews.

  • 3/12

    By which author was James Joyce invited in Paris in 1920?

  • 4/12

    Which was the original title of "The Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man"?

  • 5/12

    Which other modernist writer died in 1941, the same year of Joyce’s death, setting the end of Modernism?

  • 6/12

    What does Dublin symbolise for Joyce in “The Dubliners”?

  • 7/12

    The main character of “The Dubliners” is a boy, followed by the writer from his childhood to his maturity?

  • 8/12

    What represents the final climax of each short story in “The Dubliners”?

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    The narrator of “Araby” in “The Dubliners” is the main character of the short story and he’s a young boy in love.

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    Which is the epiphany in “Araby”?

  • 11/12

    The short story “Araby” presents one of the main themes of “The Dubliners”: the impossibility of change.

  • 12/12

    What is the meaning of “Araby” in the title?