Verifica: Joyce, "Ulysses" e Molly Bloom

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    James Joyce firstly conceived his novel “Ulysses” as a short story to be included in “The Dubliners”.

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    In “Ulysses” by James Joyce the main characters represented correspond to Homer’s “Odyssey” characters. Match the character to the corresponding one.

    Stephen Dedalus
    Leopold Bloom
    Molly Bloom
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    The novel “Ulysses” was published for the first time in the United States in 1922, because in UK and France was censured, because it was considered obscene.

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    Which is one the main style innovations of James Joyce’s “Ulysses”?

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    In Joyce's “Ulysses” through Molly Bloom’s monologue the reader has a new perspective of one the main character of the novel; who is this characther?

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    Which is one of the main characteristics of Molly Bloom’s monologue in the novel “Ulysses” by James Joyce?

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    In “Ulysses” by James Joyce with which word does Molly Bloom’s monologue start and end?

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    In “Ulysses” by James Joyce Molly Bloom in her monologue expresses her thought about women power.

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    In the final part of Molly Bloom’s monologue in “Ulysses” by James Joyce, what does the female character remember?