Verifica su "De profundis" e "Intenzioni" di Wilde

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    To whom was “De Profundis” addressed?

  • 2/7

    “Intentions” is an essay by Oscar Wilde, which collects four essays, the third part has the title:

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    Is it true that Oscar Wilde in “De Profundis” adopts Jesus as a romantic symbol of a rebel and artist?

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    In “Intentions” Oscar Wilde explains his conception of art, which consists on:

  • 5/7

    Which traditional form did Wilde use to write “The Decay of Lying”?

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    In “The Decay of Lying” one of the two characters explains that the aim of art is trying to tell beautiful and true thing?

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    In “The Critic as Artist” Oscar Wilde compares the critic and the artist, by saying that both of them should be sincere, reasonable and not subjective.